Raw Strength for Powerlifting: Your 12-Week Peaking Program

Raw Strength is the only 12-week peaking program specifically designed for raw powerlifting performance.

This Program Includes

1. The Raw Strength Training Program

12-weeks of training specifically designed to improve your squat, bench press, and deadlift.

2. Optimal Lifting Technique Video Tutorials

In-depth video tutorials covering the squat, bench press, conventional deadlift, and sumo deadlift.

3. The Raw Training FAQ

Explicit guidelines (in both text and video format) telling you exactly how to use the program to get as strong as humanly possible in 90-days.

FREE Bonus Packages!

*Dynamic Effort Training: Debunked!

Is Dynamic Effort training good or bad? Effective or a waste of time? In this Raw Strength Bonus Package I answer every question you’ve ever had about Dynamic Effort training.

*How to Pull the Slack Out of the Bar

One of the most over-complicated techniques in all of powerlifting, I’ve provided an in-depth video tutorial teaching you precisely how to pull the slack out of the bar and how I do it to Deadlift nearly 4x my bodyweight.

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