Got Questions?

How do I join the Inner Circle?

Joining the SF Inner Circle is easy! To get started, click here to add a membership subscription to your cart. From there you can choose whether you’d like a quarterly or annual Membership.

Bam! You’re in the IC!

What exactly do I get when I join the Inner Circle?

In scientific terms…a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

First, every member gets a brand new baby unicorn which, I think, is pretty cool.

But on a serious note,  when you join the Inner Circle you get immediate access to all of my best workouts, nutrition programs, fat loss recipes, diet hacks, strength builders, metabolic workouts, and exclusive access to my members-only private community forum.

In addition, with your Inner Circle membership you also get exclusive access to:

  • My Newest & All-Time Best Workouts for maximum fat loss & strength gains in minimal time. These are NOT easy. But, holy hell, do they work. They’re quick, effective, and powerful workouts. Straight from my desk to your inbox.
  • No BS Nutrition Guidelines & Metabolic Workouts to quickly increase your metabolism so you get rid of stubborn body fat and prime your nervous system to build lean, defined muscle.
  • Full Access to My 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Protocol which is NOT long-term solution. It’s an intense, high level nutrition protocol and if you have a big social event or want to kickstart a fat loss phase with rapid progress to increase motivation…you can plan to lose 5-8 (+) pounds of fat by the end of 14 days. (Usually $97, this is FREE to all IC members).
  • My Complete Metabolic Power Workout Manual with over 50 hard hitting, high intensity workouts that burn a metric ton of calories in 20 minutes or less. (Usually $114, this is FREE to all IC members).
  • Ongoing Motivation, Accountability, Support & Guidance in the members-only private forum. We keep it small & private — only IC members are allowed inside — to ensure all your questions get personally reviewed.
  • Powerful Mindset & Psychological Tactics to help you develop a healthy relatonship with food, stop yo-yo dieting, and eliminate bingeing once and for all. No more guilt or food anxiety!
  • Exclusive 20% off everything in the Syatt Fitness store
How do I download my free products?

To download your free gifts, head to the Account > Memberships page. From there click on the “Products” tab to see all the free products available to as part of your Inner Circle membership. You can then click to “View” these products, and go through a free checkout in order to download them.

You can also re-download any free products you’ve checked out with before, including the free gift you received when joining the Inner Circle, from the Account > Orders page.


Can I give Inner Circle membership as a gift?

Yes! To give a membership to the Inner Circle as a gift to someone else, add a membership to your cart, proceed to checkout, then check the “This is a gift” option during checkout. You will be able to enter in your recipient’s email address, and they will receive the membership!

How much does the Inner Circle cost?

It’s only 10 Million Dollars per day.

But really, I’ve done my best to make this as affordable as possible because I think everyone deserves to have access to high quality workouts, diet, and fitness programs without blowing themselves into debt.

So while 1-on-1 coaching with me is $500/month, The Inner Circle is only $24.99/month and you can cancel anytime you want. Plus, if you join and don’t like it, I’ll give you a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days.

How do I update my payment method for my account?

You are in full control of your SF Inner Circle membership and can update your payment method anytime you want.

To manage your payment methods, go to Account > Payment Methods. From there you can use the “Add Payment Method” button to update your billing information.

How do I cancel my Inner Circle account?

You are in full control of managing your SF Inner Circle membership and can cancel your member account anytime you want.

To manage your membership, go to Account > Memberships. From there you can click on “Manage”, then select the “Cancel” button to cancel your subscription to the Inner Circle.

You can join back anytime by logging into your account and reactivating your membership, or by purchasing a new subscription from the home page.

Still got questions? Get in touch.

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